Transforming C405 Paddington Station into the ‘crown jewel’ of the Elizabeth Line

C405 Paddington Station was transformed from looking like the “last project to be handed over” to the first to be delivered and the “crown jewel” of the Elizabeth Line with the help of IPMA.

When our team was called in, the project was delayed by around 24 months. IPMA fully reviewed the project status and completed a proposal to hand over to open on time and within budget.

Paddington Crossrail Station project


There were a number of challenges to overcome in order to end the delay, increase cost-effectiveness and speed up handover. Delay was soon turned into being ahead of programme on the project. This time saving in turn led to increased efficiency in preventative maintenance to ensure potential for further delay was pre-empted. A fresh can-do environment flourished as the team achieved all milestones – IPMA never missed a milestone payment date – and the principle contractors received all associated payments, the largest of which was £38 million. It was exciting and rewarding for all at IPMA that C405 was transformed from looking like the worst and last project to be handed over to the first to be handed over and the crown jewel of the Elizabeth Line.

IPMA CEO Keith McDaid said: “Our team relished the prospect of working on Paddington Elizabeth Line Station to assure the handover. We’re very glad that our range of discipline-specific specialists and dedication to quality assurance were pivotal in the delivery of this impressive project at the heart of England’s rail infrastructure.”