Total quality assurance from initial civils and architecture,
to M&E installation, to final commissioning and handover.


Total quality assurance from initial civils and architecture,to M&E installation, to final commissioning and handover.


IPMA provides unrivalled levels of project management and quality assurance in the management and delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects.

We believe that construction project deliveries should not suffer unnecessary delays, avoid running over on budget and be delivered to the highest standard.

We believe in driving down the wastage of time and money by adopting the best practices, employing the best people and using the best tools for the job – all with proper planning right from the start.

To live up to our philosophy and beliefs, we base everything we do on our ‘Right First time’ principle.

Our experienced and expert teams are dedicated to evolving with the needs of your project to ensure it is delivered in the most time-efficient and cost effective way. Our discipline specialists have done it all before, so you are assured of the expertise needed for optimum delivery. Your project will benefit from many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge – resulting in the delivery of robust design proposals and shorter engineering query durations. This translates into greater efficiencies and more bang for your buck. In order to ensure every element of your project is built just once – we are all committed to getting it ‘Right First Time’.

We are dedicated to promoting incident and injury free construction projects by ensuring the highest health and safety practices. We are committed to sustainable practices which safeguard the future of our projects and the world we live in.

Our commitment to practices based on our ‘Right First Time’ principle is why our clients avoid unwelcome surprises down the line and why their projects are delivered on budget, on time and to the highest standards.


IPMA was founded by Keith McDaid, an experienced Mechanical Engineer and Coded Pipe Welder.

Keith spent many years working in supervisory and management roles within the rail infrastructure and large civil construction industries in Europe and Australia.

His proven ability to lead all phases of civil and mechanical construction led Keith to found IPMA.

His vision is to cement IPMA as a world leader in Project Management and Quality Assurance based on his team’s commitment to the principle of delivering all projects ‘Right First Time’.