Quality Assurance support from IPMA ensures that your project delivery minimises wastage of time and materials, increases overall team productivity, and exceeds client expectations.

We provide a complete assurance solution for your entire project life cycle: From initial civil engineering and architecture works through to MEPH installation, through to the final commissioning and handover.
Our process is centred on early engagement, proper planning, informed budgeting, robust risk analysis and building excellent relationships with our client’s representatives.
Our team provides concise, accurate and progressive Quality Assurance (processes) and Quality Control (products) requirements to the client in order to meet project demand and facilitate timely progress from breaking ground, right through to completion.
Our team of QA inspectors’ knowledge and expertise in the industry has been amassed working on some of the biggest projects in the world, including railway infrastructure projects, oil and gas installations (onshore & offshore), highways infrastructure and nuclear power plants.
Within our team, we also have decades of specialist building services experience which enables us to uniquely understand end user requirements as well as the legalities for maintaining M&E systems.
Your project will benefit from an already integrated and proven team of talented people who – work well together and with others – and are equipped with robust IPMA processes which can be tailored to your project’s specific requirements.
The team is the mission control for your project, exploring problems to create innovative solutions. We do so working hand-in-hand with your representatives, to ensure they are inspired with confidence of great success in the project delivery.
This open, transparent and collaborative approach has our ‘Right First Time’ philosophy at its heart – slow to be slick, slick to be quick.


As part of our Quality Assurance, IPMA has devised a specialised system to facilitate the progressive hand over of systems.

• Tailored and dynamic ITP’s (Inspection Test Plans). An ITP is document that describes the plan for managing the quality control and assurance of a particular system.

• Dedicated RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) to ensure safe working methods for installers and subcontractors.

• MCR Proposals (Material Compliance Records) to ensure that the principle contractor installs the correct equipment to fulfil contract requirements.

• Assurance and Certification of all deliverables to ensure traceability from design to installation and handover.

• CTP’s (Commissioning Test Plan). This demonstrates how the principle contractor will test the installed equipment and ensure it operates as planned. It will also demonstrate how the principle contractor will integrate the systems, so they run as planned.

• Commissioning certification packs (also used as a measure milestone payments) demonstrate when certain system integrations are complete.

• Verification and validation of installation from concept design to handover and usage.


Our watertight Quality Management Systems (QMS) are critical to making sure our clients’ projects exceed the standards required when they are delivered.

With built-in quality planning, quality assurance and quality control, our QMS for each project has all the checks and balances to maximise quality, minimise delivery time and keep costs in line with budgets.

We consider all of the data available on your project in order to capture the complete picture of the requirements. This allows us to create a bespoke QMS that places quality at the centre of all processes involved in your project to ensure all aspects of the requirements are met and your expectations are exceeded.