Our specialist package managers are highly experienced in the technical requirements associated with complex systems and fully understand how they integrate with other services and systems.

We manage all deliverables in order to progress the project in the safest and most streamlined way.
We package manage all the elements, right up to and including handover – covering all elements of safety and install through to commissioning.
Below, we breakdown the package management of a project from inception to commissioning and handover, all while working closely with the client and

  • Risk Assessment/Method Statement – safe method of works on install.
  • ITP (Inspection & Test Plan – breakdown on progressive assurance to handover IRF).
  • Robust procedures are established in close collaboration with the client including Quality Assurance, Handover, Safety and Environmental.
  • Lean Management (host workshops, new process introductions and inductions).
  • Benchmarks & Prototypes (Installation standard agreed with the client to progress the install).
  • Package management from design breakdown and site surveys to ensure construction can be installed to the design specification without issues (including system clashes).
  • Inspections conducted with contractors to gain sign off.
  • IRN/AMP/MAID (Installation Release Notice/Asset Management Procedure/ Mandatory Asset Information Deliverable – handover to client after completion of install).
  • NOWRI (notice of works ready for inspection)
  • Change Management Control
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • HAZID (Hazard identification)
  • HAZOP (Hazard & operability study)
  • Design issue resolution.
  • Redline drawing to ‘as-built’.
  • Commissioning.
  • CTP (Commissioning and Testing Plan).
  • CR (Commissioning Rams)