Lifts and escalators which are properly designed and integrated into a project are vital to the functional efficiency of a building for end users.

Our team works throughout your project life-cycle to ensure lifts and escalators are efficient, safe and reliable.
Expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Site Coordination:
Preparation of design stage of site layout in order to allow off site manufacture to begin.

Set up of QMS (Quality Management System) off site & on site:
i.e. ITP for off site build & ITP for installation

Site & vendor inspection:
This is a site and factory visit to monitor progress of L&E site prep and factory build & test. (This will include FAT testing).

Coordination & delivery:
Site checks prior to install (loading factors, site logistics, etc.)

Installation & inspection of equipment to gain sign off to allow install to move to T&C

T&C of installed systems

Integration of L&E equipment into BMS system & other key systems to support operation (i.e. electrical feeds and UPS system (uninterrupted power supply), etc.